White motherfuckers so excited about finally getting away from us negroes that they willing to go to a place with no gravity or oxygen.Its your boy, back with another motherfucking update, and I’m convinced more than ever that white people ain’t got no motherfucking sense. I mean, I thought white people was fucked up, but now I’m positive, because you pasty motherfuckers out there can’t stop thinking about aliens and shit. Thats straight truth. You white people got it in your motherfucking heads that Outer Space is the next big thing, and you can’t wait to run shit.

Wake up, bitches. Just because you motherfuckers can recite the periodic table don’t mean that you know the first motherfucking thing about space. White people pop on they Star Wars joints and all a sudden they can’t rest until they sipping mojitos with some blue penis face piano playing motherfuckers. That’s all white people want: some boring ass fantasy shit. White people are that motherfucking gullible that they actually burning mad paper to find out if that nigga Chewbacca is real.

White people are motherfucking strange.. This shit is exhaustion, for serious.

White motherfuckers just don’t give a fuck about raising the fuck up off this planet and starting some new shit. They only out to assert they interstellar whiteness and find some new niggas to blame they bad days on. I mean, even your man Stephen Hawking couldn’t ignore those greedy white urges. That nigga got a voice box like a motherfucking drive-thru, can’t move shit below his neck, but just had to float around for 23 seconds.

You may as well put that nigga in a rock tumbler too, while you at it. What the fuck good is being weightless when you can’t even feel how motherfucking heavy you actually is? I mean, check the picture they took. They got Stephen Hawking all hemmed up looking like a twisted ass Robin Williams floating in mid-motherfucking-air.

Crippled Robin Williams finally gets his chance to float or whatever.

Usually its just a few able bodied niggas floating, giggling like bitches, then hitting that low spot and throwing the fuck up all over theyselves. This shits different though. Those motherfuckers ain’t strapped to a jazzy, nigga. The fuck you thinking white people?

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